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White papers really add value to your business. These are longer, detailed content designed to highlight and promote your goods and services.

The emphasis is less on the hard-sell, and more about adding value, providing information and developing trust in your brand. 

They can provide a detailed background about your business, describing the benefits of your goods, services or methodology. They can offer solutions to business or customer problems or present new insights.

Good white paper writing requires the ability to understand large amounts of information, an eye for detail and the ability to construct a telling narrative.

I can produce professional, well-researched and engaging white papers and long-form content for your business or organisation. 

As well as an MA Creative Writing (Distinction), I also have a BA History (1st Class Honours). I try to combine an academic eye for detail and approach to developing an argument, with creative flair.


I'd love to hear more about your project and to tell you more about how I can help.

Thanks for submitting!

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